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Universal & Int. Driver's Permit

An international driver's permit is printed into several languages (the six UN official languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese; as well as German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Greek, Korean or Farsi) of the vehicle classes which the holder of the permit is authorized to drive.

International Driver's Permit

This driver's licence is used primarily for verification purposes duricens Translic.com. IT TAKES US 72 HOURS TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST AND MAKE TRANSLATION OF YOUR GOVERNMENTAL ISSUED CURRENT DRIVER'S LICENSE (not including mailing time).

To obtain one, contact Translic.com

Unoserv Team

Order Via Our Stockholm Office

The international drivers license trans is made in USA, by headoffice in Florida.

High level of security is GUARANTEED. Please note that we are the official agency localized in Swedish Kingdom. Soon we will presentate our Paris-office in France. International Driving Permits or Licenses with Smart Chip and Smart Chip Reader. Smart Chip Reader allows to read information saved on the chip.


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